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9 Pakistani Pilgrims passed away during Hajj, Ministry of Religious Affairs confirms

Pilgrims fatalities due to Saudi Arabia’s intense heat surge to 577

Nine Pakistani Pilgrims have passed away during Hajj, the Ministry of Religious Affairs confirmed on Wednesday.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Ministry of Religious Affairs urged the public to rely on credible sources for accurate information regarding the Hajj pilgrimage, amidst concerns about the spread of fake news on social media.

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Director General (DG) Hajj, Abdul Wahab Soomro confirmed that as of 4 PM on June 18th, nine Pakistani pilgrims passed away during Hajj.

According to him, four deaths occurred in Mina, three in Arafat, and two in Muzdalifah.

The ministry specifically addressed baseless rumours circulating on social media regarding the welfare of Pakistani pilgrims, particularly allegations of abandonment during the Mina encampment.

Director General (DG) Hajj, Abdul Wahab Soomro, has categorically denied these claims, stating that the Ministry relies on information provided by the Saudi government, which they subsequently verify.

The Ministry maintained that they are notified of any Hajj-related deaths and that the Saudi government has a well-established system for handling such situations.

Families are contacted to obtain permission for burial, followed by a ritual washing and funeral prayer at the Holy Mosques, he added.

The bodies of the deceased can also be transported back to Pakistan upon the family’s request, with the Saudi government cooperating in these arrangements.

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