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Anaa episode 10 Review: Altamash, Izza’s relationship, a matter of egos

One of the most interesting and engaging prime time watch is the drama serial Anaa. The drama engages because of its simple and easy storyline and light content, something you enjoy when you want to relax. Although the play revolves around the story of two families and their life long grudges and egos which are continuously affecting people’s lives, Anaa is a good watch.

The family rivalries have already affected and destroyed Areesh and Daneen’s relationship and now the same is after Altamash and Izza’s relationship. This episode is all about their relationship which is now a matter of ego between both the families.

Izza and Altamash’s relationship has now become the talk of the town. Dadi again takes it as a matter of her ego, she thinks that Nazia is deliberately doing this to belittle her. She visits Daneen and insults her in front of her mother in law to ask her Phupho to keep herself and Izza away from Altamash as she has decided to marry off Nashwa with Altamsh. Daneen is surprised to hear this. Well poor Daneen is having a hard time in her home as Saif is being a bad husband and now he has started to insult her besides ignoring her.

Daneen shares about Dadi’s visit with Nazia and she also inquires about Izza’s feelings for Altmash on which Izza clearly denies everything. Nazia who had not yet seen that prospect from her ego’s point of view is now thinking to belittle Dadi and family by marrying off Izza with Altamash as it is the best way to take her revenge. She is resolute that she will marry off Izza with Altamsh and she visits Dadi to challenge her.

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Altamash ex girlfriend calls Izza and warns her in a very insulting way to stay away from Altamash. Izza calls Altamash to meet him and he takes him to one of his school projects. There Izza sees a new side of Altamash and it seems she falls in love with him even more while she tells him about the call. Altamash is extremely furious on this he visits his ex in a furious rage and checks her mobile on seeing Izza’s number he gets out of his mind and becomes violent. As much as we love Altamash, his physical violence is something unacceptable and totally unnecessary.

Daneen and Aania meet over a coffee and Daneen clarifies her position that she is trying her best to avoid and forget Areesh and hopefully Areesh will too forget her and will accept her. Aania requests Daneen to tell Izza to stay away from Altamash on which Daneen says that she has no feelings for Altamash as she has told her herself but Aania tells her that she is meeting Altamash as his driver has informed her. While chatting at that cafe, they both see Nashwa chatting with a guy in a very frank way. Well it seems there is going to be a new twist in the play now.

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