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Ahmed Godil responds to the backlash he is facing for hosting PSL 5 opening ceremony

Godil revealed he was never meant to be the official host of the ceremony.

Ahmed GodilAhmed Godil shared his response via a tweet, that to ended up receiving harsh criticism - OyeYeah News

Ahmed Godil, the host for the PSL 2020 opening ceremony opens up about becoming meme fodder on social media.

The infamous host gained overnight popularity after PSL 5 opening ceremony, however, his performance was not welcomed by the nation and drew massive criticism and trolls.

At first, Ahmed Godil shared his response via a tweet, that to ended up receiving harsh criticism.

In a Tweet, Mr. Godil shared his statement for his not welcomed hosting performance. He said, “Two thumbs up for all the people who are trolling me and trying to mock me just because of pure jealousy and can’t digest how someone can reach till here. Thank you for all the love, hate, respect, disrespect and support!! In the end: Mehnat kar , hasadd na kar!”


Even his comments could not justify his appearance at Pakistan’s biggest event as a host.

Later on Friday morning, Godil appeared on Samaa Tv morning show and shared a detailed account over getting bullied.  He says that his personal number has been leaked online and he couldn’t sleep whole night.

“I am a ground host. I’ve been one for the last two years (and been hosting several shows for the past five) and my job is to keep the audience engaged. I’m hosting all the Karachi matches. Like when there’s an out or a sixer, I get the audience to cheer. That is it.”

“We’ve been rehearsing for the past three days. The show was supposed to be 55 minutes max… But there were some delays, as there usually are. Plus, people were there from 4 pm and the show was going to start after 6 pm.”

“My job was to be on stage before the ceremony kicks off… before it goes on air. I was just supposed to keep the audience active and engaged until we broadcast the opening. I was never the host of the ceremony. I was never meant to be the host. Fakhre Alam was always the host. I didn’t even know the broadcast had begun because I just had the slot before the show itself”, he further added.

“I am just a host. What was I supposed to do? Take my clothes off and dance? I’ve been a host for a long time. I’ve hosted shows for Atif Aslam in America. I’ve done this before, I didn’t just come out of nowhere. But what did I do so wrong?”

“At least leave my mother and sisters out of this. Keep my family out of it”, he said while facing the camera and requested to leave his family aside.

“What mistake did I make? I haven’t slept all night. For the past two days, we’d come home at 5 am and then reach by 10 am to continue work. Where did I go wrong? Did I misbehave on stage? Did I curse or swear at someone? What do you all want? I am so hurt.”

“My phone is on flight mode since last night. My number has been leaked”, he revealed.

“I’m not a celebrity, I don’t see myself as one. I just want to entertain people. If I’ve been blessed with this opportunity to make you smile even for a minute, I’m happy. But that doesn’t mean I will be subjected to so much hate and anger.”

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