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Airlift announces to suspend operations till Dec 31 amid rising coronavirus cases

Transit Company Airlift on Friday announced the resumption of its operation saying that it would be kept suspended till December 31 in the wake of rising coronavirus cases.

Airlift has sent an email to its customers announcing that the decision was taken in the company’s pledge in keeping the health and safety of their customers first.

According to the statement that has been sent to the Airlift customers, “Pakistan continues to record an increasing number of Covid-19 cases and the spread cannot be contained within enclosed areas such as buses and vans” adding that the decision would be reviewed on January 1, 2021, given the circumstances at the time.

“We remain excited to serve you once it is safe,” the company added.

In August, the company had postponed  the resumption of its operations till October, stating that the global pandemic continued to be a threat even as the government was lifting restrictions imposed to tackle the spread of COVID-19 .

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