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All Vehicles on Motorways Should Have an M-Tag by December 7th: Lahore High Court

All vehicles without M-tag will be barred from entering the motorway from December 7

M-Tag on MotorwayM-Tag on Motorway | OyeYeah News

All vehicles on Motorways should have an M-Tag by December 7th, as per the Lahore High Court orders.


Inspector General of National Highways and Motorways Police Inam Ghani has given special instructions to the officers to implement the court order regarding M-tag in all cases.


The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed the National Highways & Motorway Police to take steps to cut pollution at the toll plaza.

Justice Shahid Karim of LHC issued a detailed judgment on petitions about curbing smog, pollution, and groundwater depletion

The detailed order of LHC stated: ‘a period of one week is given to both the motorway police as well as National Highway Authority to ensure that necessary steps are taken not only to publicly advertise this aspect to all motorists and secondly to make arrangement for a greater number of booths to be set up to enable the motorists to purchase the balance for their M-tag’.

The orders have left many perplexed. The reactions in connection to the M-Tag are pouring in on social media as hashtag #MTag is among the top trending topics on Sunday.

What is M-Tag? 

M-TAG refers to the first generation of the Electronic Toll Collection system. 

A pre-paid Radio Frequency Identification, M-Tag, is installed at the top right corner of the front windscreen of a vehicle.

While the scanners are installed on the motorways’ toll plazas to scan the passing through vehicles.

As the vehicle passed through, these mounted scanners read M-tags on the vehicles and the applicable tax will be deducted automatically.


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