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Amnesty International Launches Petition to End Blackout in Kashmir

More than a month and ten days after India imposed a curfew and communication blackout in Kashmir, human rights organization Amnesty International has launched a petition, on its website, to support the Kashmiri citizens.

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“Nearly 8 million people have been living through a communication shutdown since August 5,” said the organization on its website.

“The world needs to know what’s happening,” said Amnesty as it urged the world to take action and help Kashmiris find their voice.

“There have been multiple reports of raids, arrests, clashes, and detentions in occupied Kashmir. The world can only speculate on what grave human rights violations might be taking place [there] right now,” added the organization’s statement.

“Access to emergency services, education, and health care is being affected,” it stated further.

Amnesty International urged India to put humanity first and let the people of Kashmir speak.

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The human rights organization’s petition is a continuation of international community’s concern over the Kashmir issue and like many political and social activists, the group has demanded India to put an end to violence in the occupied state.

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