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Another 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Turkiye

Another 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Turkiye, apparently a strong aftershock of the massive earthquake that rattled the country earlier on Monday.

  • Death toll crosses 1,900 as 3 Powerful Earthquakes & multiple aftershocks hit Turkey In just 24 Hours.
  • The southeastern part of Turkiye has been devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake
  • According to the US Geological Survey, the 7.8 magnitude tremor struck at 04:17 local time (01:17 GMT) at a depth of 17.9km (11 miles) near the city of Gaziantep
  • Gaziantep city is located about 90km from the Syrian border and is historically known as Antep

As reported, one of the most massive quakes in the region’s history has wiped out entire sections of major Turkish cities that were inhabited by millions who have fled the civil war in Syria.


The region is very cold are several large aftershocks are continued in the areas.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has declared a state of emergency after the terrible earthquake in the country.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan expressed his best wishes for all citizens affected by the earthquake and said that he hopes to get out of this disaster as soon as possible and with minimal damage.

According to Turkish media, a fire broke out in a natural gas pipeline in the Turkish province of Hatay due to the earthquake. The natural gas supply has been stopped in Hatay as a precautionary measure.

The Turkish Disaster Management Agency says that 78 aftershocks have been felt since the earthquake, and at least 1,710 buildings have collapsed.

Turkish officials say that 2,786 aid teams are engaged in relief activities in the affected areas.

Turkish media say that 370 search and rescue experts are arriving in Turkey from Azerbaijan, while the US has also offered to provide all possible assistance to Turkey and said that the US is ready to help Turkey in every way.


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