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Armeena Khan joins hands with Human Relief Foundation to help Syrian Refugees

Many celebrities put their voices for the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Syria but few are taking part in terms of collaboration for aid and relief funds for Syrian refugees. Armeena Khan has been putting her voice for the cause, and has been seen supporting Syria on her social media. And the best part is, Khan’s support is not only limited to her social media, she is active and has joined hands with Human Relief Foundation to help Syrian refugees.

Armeena took twitter to share the news of relief work in progress as she tweeted from her account, ”Want to see your donations at work? We launched an appeal, couple of weeks ago for @Human Relief Foun this is what they’re doing with your money. Thank you so much to all those who donated! The team couldn’t have done it without you. Please keep giving. Well done Saira”.

It was few days ago when she tweeted about the ongoing relief efforts, ”Alhamdullilah! We managed to fund raise this much for the #victims in #Syria. The @HumanReliefFoun team flew to #Jordan yesterday with your generous donations. You will see your money at work.”

Armeena Khan has been active on social media to encourage people to take part I ongoing relief efforts for Syrian refuges on various social media platforms, she post on her Facebook account about how this activity stared providing all details, referring to people responsible for collecting funds for Syrian refugees giving a strong message, ”For those people, who really want to make a difference and are serious about helping the #Syrians, here’s your opportunity. IF YOU FELT LIKE RAISING YOUR VOICE WASN’T ENOUGH, here’s your chance

Way to girl! Armeena Khan has not been just raising her voice, also contributing for the cause and asking people to join in for a good humanitarian purpose. Only a handful of people can get such a thing done. Kudos to Armeena for speaking up loud and clear!

Celebrities put their voices for the ongoing conflict #SyriaIsBleeding

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