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Armeena Khan lashes out at lockdown violators in showbiz industry

The actress called out those who haven’t halted their shoots during the corona lockdown.

Armeena-KhanArmeena Khan talked about the dangers these shoots pose to human lives - OyeYeah News

Popular TV and film actress Armeena Khan called out all those in the showbiz fraternity that are still partaking in the shoots.

The actress took to social media  and talked about the dangers these shoots pose to human lives.


“I’m seeing photoshoots happening. Is the lockdown over?” she tweeted sarcastically.

“Imagine taking part in a shoot or a photoshoot while people are dying around you,”she added.

The actress lashed out at those in the industry who are considering them special and not halting the shoots.

The Bin Roye actress also mentioned that most artists left shoots incomplete so as not to risk other people’s lives,  drawing attention of the public towards the inclining number of corona infected cases in the country.

”Some of us left shoots as to not endanger other peoples lives. You’re not special! The cases are climbing mark my words and each person you expose to the elements is on you!” she said.


Mansha Pasha also showed her concern over the matter in response to Armeena’s tweet.

This is seriously very dangerous and government should take notice of all such people in the showbiz who are violating lockdown protocols on priority basis.

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