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Asif Ali Zardari Comes Under Much Deserved Fire for Demeaning Mahajir Community!

Former President Asif Ali Zardari attended the national assembly’s session on the ongoing Kashmir issue, the day before yesterday, and while on the surface it seemed that the nation needed input from such a ‘groomed and experienced’ politician, what happened there was downright disgraceful. In his historic – for all the wrong reasons – address to the parliament, Zardari went on to politicize such a crucial moment and in his desperate attempt to find an edge for himself he mocked Mahajirs (migrants) and questioned their role in the making of Pakistan.

Yes! That’s what the former President and currently vice chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party had to say.

Ridiculous, right?

Now we might not be the only one who uncomfortably turned in our chairs due to Zardari’s lack of empathy for Kashmiri people and abundance of hatred for a particular community in the country. There were many others too who found the former president’s remarks crass and unnecessary for an occasion such as this.

This resulted as a severe backlash on social media for Asif Zardari  and people from all segments voiced their opinion as they slammed Zardari sahb for his racist remarks at such a sensitive time.

“These are the #Mahajirs whose loyalty for Pakistan you question? These are the #mahajirs who fought valiantly for #Pakistan, sacrificed their life and family for. These are the ones you say have no right over Pakistan? You treacherous, stealing fool #AsifAliZardari,” said Arfa Shahid, a Twitter user.

Another user Salman Khan said that the former President is pathetic for spewing this kind of hate against the Urdu speaking community, and alleged that he did so in the attempt to divert attention from his ongoing NAB investigation.

Some went onto say that Zardari’s remarks were nothing but foreign agenda to create divide amongst Pakistanis at this time when Kashmir needs us to stand united behind them.

“What a mind-boggling statement by #zardari at such a crucial time. If this is not a foreign agenda than I wonder what is? It was the time to show unity but this shit head comes up with such a devastating comment,” Twitter user Wasif Vohra wrote.

While another Twitter user alleged that Zardari tried to play the Sindh card and divide Sindh for his own political gains.

“#AsifAliZardari knows his sole survival depends on dividing Sindh and playing Sindhi card. He is trying his best to ‘instigate’ Sindhi nationalism by creating hatred against mohajirs and presenting himself as a solution!” wrote MJ.

“Heard my grandmother yelling in rage. Couldn’t understand who had set her off. Entered her room to find @AAliZardari on TV suggesting muhajirs played no role in the creation of Pakistan,” told Mehwish Moulvi on her Twitter handle.

A Twitter user recalled Zardari’s father Hakim Ali Zardari’s statement in which he had lamented over creation of Pakistan and called it Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s blunder. Twitter user Muhammad Safiullah asked Zardari the role of feudal lords of Sindh in the making of Pakistan instead of mocking Urdu speaking migrants from India.

“Zardari asking the role of Muhajirs in Pakistan movement. Can he tell me the role of typical Vaderas of Sindh. His father said in an interview that Pakistan is a blunder of Jinnah… And now what he is talking… A traitor..  #AsifAliZardari,” the Twitterati wrote.


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  1. Bastard left this topic what our sacrifices for PAK just let us know the single name of person from your community who devoted for Pakistan and sacrifice.
    1. Dr. Abdul Qadeer
    2. M. M Alam
    3. Hassan Siddiqui

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