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Barkhan murders: Autopsy of three bodies found in the well conducted

Missing family members of Khan Marri recovered by Levies Force

The police conducted the autopsy of the three bodies that were found in the well in Barkhan district.

The bodies of two boys, believed to be two of Mr Marri’s sons, were recovered from a well in the Haji Kot area of Barkhan alongside the corpse of a woman, who was earlier thought to be Gran Naz.

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Initially, it was reported that the deceased was Gran Naz, wife of Khan Muhammad Marri and her two sons Mohammad Nawaz, in his 20s, and Abdul Qadir, in his teens.

However, according to a post-mortem report, the deceased woman was not Giran Naz, but rather a teenage girl.

Police Surgeon Dr Ayesha Faiz, who conducted the autopsy examination of the body of the woman brought to the hospital from the sit-in, said that it did not belong to a 40 to a 45-year-old woman.

“It was a 17 to 18-year-old girl, who was raped and shot in the head thrice,” she said in her postmortem report.

The report added that the female victim was also tortured.

The report added that acid was thrown on the face and neck of the female to hide her identity.

While the other two men were tortured before being killed.

The victims belonged to the family of local tribesman Khan Muhammad Marri, who had accused Communications and Works Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran of the murders.

“Sardar Khetran is formally detained in this case,” a senior police officer told the media.

The arrest came after the Balochistan government had formed a special investigation team to probe the incident.

Meanwhile, the Levies sources confirmed late Wednesday that Giran Naz and her four children – were recovered in raids carried out in different locations.




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