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Ayaz Sadiq clears the air after Indian media ‘manipulate’ his statement on Abhinandan’s release

PML-N leader and Former National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq on Thursday has issued a statement giving clarification over his comments in the National Assembly’s session on Wednesday saying that the Indian media has “twisted” and “manipulated” his comments.

According to the former speaker of the national assembly, the Indian media has skillfully distorted his statement on IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, he said in a video release.

“Abhinandan didn’t come to Pakistan to distribute sweets”, he said, adding that the Indian wing commander attacked Pakistan.

“It was a moment of pride when Abhinandan’s plane was shot down by the Pakistan Air Force,” the former spealer said.

Ayaz Sadiq further said the night the plane was shot down by Pakistan, a meeting of parliamentary leaders was called by the Prime Minister Imran Khan which he did not attend and sent foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi instead.

The former speaker went on with saying that Qureshi told the parliamentary leaders that Abhinandan would be released immediately. He said that whatever thought the PM had, or dictation, from other country, or if it was from Modi himself, it wasn’t shared.

“The premier’s legs were shaking and he was perspiring because he couldn’t face the opposition”, Sadiq said. “The meaning of this, only Imran Khan knows”.

General Bajwa’s legs were also shaking and he was sweating,” he added.

Earlier, the Indian media in its propaganda trumpeted the false statement that Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa was pressurised to return Abhinandan because India had threatened to bomb Pakistan by 9pm.

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