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Bahria Town denies paying journalists after an alleged list surfaces on social media

The alleged list includes the names of at least 19 journalists

The Bahria Town administration denied paying journalists after an alleged list surfaced on social media.

Bahria Town also announced its intention to pursue legal action against individuals or entities responsible for disseminating misinformation.

“A fake list is circulating on social media, falsely alleging that journalists were paid by Bahria Town,” the housing society said in a social media post on X on Saturday.

“The letterhead used in this list is also fraudulent.”

The alleged list includes the names of at least 19 journalists, which is doing rounds on social media, while several journalists also retweeted Bahria Town’s post.


Reacting to the development, Journalist Asma Shirazi said that a false list of journalists who have taken money from Malik Riaz is run every year for “nefarious purposes to defame” journalists.

“I, Hamid Mir, Mazhar Abbas and late Arshad Sharif challenged the list in the Supreme Court on which Bahria Town declared it a fake list on a fake letterhead,” she said in a post on X.

“Even when no one spoke against Malik Riaz, we used to do it and we still do it today,” she said and shared a clip of Hamid Mir’s speech from a festival in Karachi.




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