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Balochistan assembly establishes country’s first baby feed corner, nursing room

The Balochistan assembly has set up the country’s first baby feed corner and nursing room inside its building, which would be formally inaugurated soon.

According to the details, a similar corner has also been constructed inside Quetta’s city court and other places in the metropolis.

Health Secretary of Balochistan assembly, Dr Rubaba Buledi visited the assembly on Wednesday and oversaw the arrangements made for the room.

Rubaba said that it will be ensured that all facilities are provided inside the rooms in the assembly.

“We are making sure that similar nursing areas are also set up in other places soon”, she added.

The issue hit the headlines on April 29, 2019, when during a session of the assembly; Balochistan Awami Party’s Mahjabeen Shireen brought her child to the house. She was soon told to leave the house for being accompanied by a ‘stranger’.

The speaker had ruled that it was illegal for children to be brought to the session. Mahjabeen said, mindful of the decorum, she had visited the assembly secretariat and asked for a place where her unwell child could be kept while she attended the proceedings.

She said she was told that all the rooms were reserved for ministers and could not be turned into daycare centre. When she was told to leave, no colleague extended her support.

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