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Barkha Dutt Slammed for Criticizing Malala On Kashmir Issue

The former criticized the latter over her stance on Kashmir issue, and the netizens from both India and Pakistan slammed her for it.

“I wanted to hear directly from girls living in Kashmir right now. It took a lot of work from a lot of people to get their stories because of the communications blackout. Kashmiris are cut off from the world and unable to make their voices heard,” Malala had tweeted on Saturday as she narrated first-hand accounts of Kashmiri girls.

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For some odd reason, Barkha Dutt found it alright to compare Indian state-organized brutality in Kashmir to Pakistan’s longstanding terrorism from non-state actors.

“Disappointing to see @Malala wade into cliched Pakistan state narrative about #Kashmir when the hard truth is that she can never even return to her own country because she was shot for the rights of girls to go to school,” tweeted Barkha as she tried to make it about “Pakistan’s” narrative.

Twitter users from both sides of the border came together to knock sense into the Indian journalist.

“How is this just Pak’s narrative? So all the intl human rights orgs are wrong, intl media orgs are wrong, even papers like @ttindia, @IndianExpress, @the_hindu, etc are wrong. You reminding Malala that she can’t come back to Pak cos she talked about Kashmir is quite disappointing,” wrote a Twitter user.

“This whataboutery on the part of @BDUTT is astounding – blaming @Malala for parroting the Pakistani state and almost gleeful that she cannot go back to Pakistan, when all Malala did was speak with concern about kids not being able to go to school in Kashmir, which is a fact,” tweeted an Indian user.

Pakistani journalist, Ajmal Jami had to say this, When @BDUTT wears saffron inside out and can’t see darkness imposed in IoK.”

“@BDUTT, since when is it necessary for anyone to criticise X while criticising Y? This is poor whataboutery; expected better from you. Does the fact that @Malala gets shot in Pakistan mean she should not speak out about Indian restrictions in Kashmir? That’s peculiar reasoning,” stated another same voice.

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