Beware its April 1st, social media feeds are full of April Fool’s pranks and jokes!

Among the slurry of pranks, there is a handful of clever and funny April Fool’s


Beware for scrolling social media today for stories, news, and updates. It’s April Fool’s day and you might fall into the pranks which are being floated by many famous entities including business companies, brands, social media bloggers, and organizations as well.

Among the slurry of pranks, there is a handful of clever and funny April Fool’s. Here is a quick rundown of this year’s best ones we have found.

Famed Suno Chanda drama series fans were left perplexed when a social media site indicated, for the upcoming sequel cast has been replaced. After inquiring it turned out to be an April Fool’s day prank!

April Fools prank wasn’t expected from ICC, yeah but this one really took cricket fans by great surprise.

Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates posted a tweet introducing their chauffeur-less drones between any location in Dubai to Dubai International Airport from April 2020.

Discord announced to removed its “light mode” option, plunging the messaging service into permanent darkness.

But the prank backfired, as users took to the support site to complain about it and later the social networking app had to clarify it.

A Sharjah-based radio station, Pulse 95 Radio, tweeted around that, due to a server crash, they’d only be playing jazz and classical music for the next couple of weeks. And it was also a prank.

1st April morning The UK’s BBC jokingly launched a “skip the sex” button for its streaming service. Finally, you can avoid the awkward sex scenes when you’re watching TV with your parents!

And guess what Google adds Snake to Maps for April Fools’ Day gag, the reimagined Snake game will be playable in Android and iOS Google Maps apps for around a week.

The Australian branch of travel company named Kayak has pranked with the growing Flat Earth movement. According to in Australia, Kayak turned the world map on its Routes tool into the Flat Earth map.

The best one so far was by The Telegraph, poking a little fun among the despair of Brexit! It reported this morning that the UK government has banned April Fool’s jokes in case they trigger panic among the Brexit chaos.

The publication quoted, “British April Fool’s jokes have been banned this year under an archaic parliamentary order, amid warnings the public can no longer tell the difference between reality and farce.”

And by quoting a fake cabinet minister Ali Ploorf, The Telegraph claimed: “Our message to the public is this: if you hear a spine-tingling warning on the radio about Brexit and leaving without a deal, it’s not a joke – it’s Government policy.”


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