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Bol TV Game Show Aesy (Nahi) Chaley Ga, is a Scam of Its Kind! 

Game shows are the newest trend on television and every channel seems to be pretty much in a rat race to win the viewership in this lucrative category. In the attempt to do so, some hosts and their channels have gone far and beyond with leaving no insult unchartered that they have bestowed their participants with.

Right from making people compete on the basis of their obesity, to making them do idiotic circus on camera, game shows have done it all.

However, BOL television network’s game show Aesy Chaley Ga has turned out to be the winner by hitting the lowest blow possible.

After a recent episode, participants of the show have come forward with startling claims on the scam this Danish Taimoor hosted show is pulling off.

As per a participating group, the attendees of the show are briefed on the ‘script’ of the show prior to its shooting, and each group/family is assigned a segment that they’ll be participating in. The choices – to be chosen by the participants – and winners of each segment are predefined, whereas it is also shared what and how to respond to the remarks by the host.

Another participant on the condition of anonymity said, “We were told that it’s all planned and we are to follow the course of action. And after all the drama, we were not even allowed to take gifts that we genuinely won during the shooting.”

It has been speculated for quite some time that BOL’s show is following deceitful practices to the extent that the guests seated in the audience are their own employees who are given the gift hampers, only to be returned to the channel.

Now after this recent revelation it is evident that televison channels would not shy away to stoop to any low for ratings, and participants have nothing but embarrassment to take home.


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