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Woman involved in hit-and-run case in Islamabad turns out to be British Diplomat

A police spokesman confirmed that the driver was a third secretary at the British High Commission.

The woman involved in the hit-and-run case injuring a policeman in Islamabad turns out to be a British Diplomat!

A police constable sustained injuries after being hit by a speeding car driven by a woman at Constitution Avenue on Monday.

The incident occurred at Radio Pakistan Chowk on Constitution Avenue where traffic was being manually managed due to power suspension.

As per the details shared by police, the diplomat was moving in her official Honda car on Constitution Avenue from D-Chowk when the traffic from her side was stopped manually by an ITP official.

However, the diplomat jumped the close signal and hit the constable, who sustained injuries and fell on the road. ITP and area police officials impounded the car and shifted the injured to the hospital.

However, the car driver was allowed to go after she introduced herself as a diplomat, the spokesman said.

The injured traffic constable has been identified as Amir Dad.

As reported, a case was registered against the third secretary of the British High Commission in the police station secretariat.

According to the FIR, the third secretary of the British High Commission broke the traffic signal, the speeding vehicle hit the motorcycle, on which the policeman was seriously injured. 

In the case filed by the government, the provisions of negligence and signal violation have been added. 


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