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Celebrities demand #JusticeForRehan

Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Saba Qamar have all come out asking for justice to be served


Rehan, a minor boy, underage and young, was beaten to death by residents of Bahadurabad, who claimed he tried to steal from them. According to police, two suspected teenage robbers attempted to enter a bungalow near Kokan Ground in Bahadurabad. Rehan, 17 year old, was caught by the security guard, while the other boy escaped.

Rehan was then tied to a metal grill, made to forgo his pants and was repeatedly beaten. The torture inflicted upon the young boy, led to his death. A cold blooded murder on behalf of the atrocious residents of the area who kept hitting the young boy and made a video of the torture as well.

Pakistani celebrities have now come forward demanding justice for Rehan and requesting authorities to try the two murderers under the terror law.

Here’s what these people have to say;



The police has pledged to make a case so strong that the accused murders will find no ways to escape. However, here we are, wondering, if this #JusticeForRehan will bear any fruit or would it too become just like all other #JusticeFor hashtags, made, went viral and then forgotten over time.

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