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#WarAgainstRape: Celebrities express disgust at Motorway rape incident

The gruesome gang rape incident at the Lahore motorway has outraged the entire nation; the country has witnessed a series of incidents related to sexual assault in the past few days. The current case of the horrific sexual misconduct occurred on Wednesday wherein a woman was brutally gang-raped by robbers at gunpoint in Gujjarpura area while she was waiting for help on the highway after her car developed a fault.

Reportedly, she was travelling from Lahore to Gujranwala along with her children when at the toll plaza on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, her car stuck due to a shortage of petrol and she became the victim of two robbers who took advantage of the situation and raped her while taking her at a nearby field at gunpoint.

Celebrities from the Pakistan showbiz industry including Feroze Khan, Ushna Shah, Osman Khalid Butt, Ayesha Omar,  Shaniera Akram, and Armeena have expressed anger over the horrific incident at the Lahore motorway and called for punishment for the perpetrators.

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Feroze Khan took to Twitter to vent his outrage over the incident and demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to execute the culprits in public.

“I will always count on your statement that Pakistan will be “Riasat e Madina” and if you don’t hang these monsters raping and killing children and women in the open nothing can ever be changed just make one example. Public execution is what I demand,” he wrote.


Ushna Shah recounted the recent incidents of sexual assaults and stressed that the perpetrators should be given the harshest punishment.

She wrote, ” The irony that I tweeted “I’m okay with this” to a video of a rapist being stoned to death an hour prior to news of mother raped in front of children on the motorway and to days after news of five-year-old Marwah, shows how deep in trouble we are as a society”.

Osman Khalid Butt shared how the Motorway Police denied any help of the poor woman who made an emergency call to the police helpline. “Please investigate this as well,” he wrote.

Armeena Khan said that such incidents made every woman feel unsafe in Pakistan. “This piece of news has suddenly made every woman (including myself) feel unsafe”.

Ayesha Omar tweeted, “One day it’s a 5 year old child. The other, a 4 month old baby. Today it’s a transgender activist, who was asking for protection a year ago. What do we have to say about ourselves as a nation. We can’t protect anyone. Except our egos. #JusticeforGulPanra”.

Meanwhile, social activist Shaniera Akram warned the assaulters that they will not be spared and will soon pay for what they did.

“Hey Rapists, real men don’t force themselves on anyone but you wouldn’t know that because you’re all weak, low life scum. And when you hurt our sisters and our children, then you hurt us all. Be scared. We are coming for you! #WeWillFindYou #WeAreComingForYou,” Akram said.

Social activist and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said everyone needs to come together to create a safer environment for women in the country.

Every day a new story, a five year old raped & torched, a woman gang raped in front of her children, a couple killed in front of their eight month old baby- Yet those who speak out are routinely silenced for holding up a mirror to society & for speaking the truth. Best to acknowledge that we treat our women terribly and that it’s about time we did something to change that!

Actress Sarwat Gillani expressed disgust over the horrific story, she wrote:

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