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Chaudhry Sarwar lashes out at PTI leadership

Chaudhry Sarwar lashes out at PTI leadership and former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar!

PTI leader Chaudhry Sarwer, who was removed from the post of Governor Punjab on Sunday, said that he was removed for not following the PTI government’s illegal moves.

Sources claim that the decision to sack governor Punjab was taken at PML-Q leader Chaudhry Parvez Elahi’s request.

Former governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar lambasted the PTI leadership while addressing a press conference earlier in the day.

Sarwar claimed that he met with Prime Minister Imran Khan twice and in the second meeting he had offered his resignation.

He further stated that in the first meeting along with the other PTI leaders, Defence Minister Pervez Khattak had asked him to sign the paper and upon the inquiry, he was told that it was the summary for summoning the Punjab Assembly session on the 2nd of April.

According to Ch Sarwar, Pervez Khattak told him Pervaiz Elahi would be defeated if the assembly session would not be called earlier because they could not manage the required numbers to win the chief minister slot if the session is delayed.   

He said, “I accepted that I raised my voice for the one time but because I did not want to commit any unconstitutional act.”

Sawar went on to add that once Buzdar had resigned from his post, despite it not being approved and notified, the prime minister and PTI leadership asked him to summon a session of the Punjab Assembly to elect the new chief minister.

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“I asked them to not make me do illegal things […] I told them that they can have me resign, but I will not do unconstitutional acts,” the ex-governor said.

Moving on, Sarwar said he was being blamed for playing on both sides, but noted that he was not interested in the politics of “foul language” and warned that if he was attacked, he would retaliate.

Sarwar also recalled that all 184 PTI lawmakers in Punjab Assembly and workers were surprised and saddened by the selection of Usman Buzdar.

“We said that we want to build Naya Pakistan and if Imran Khan thinks Usman Buzdar can do that, we are with him. But the entire country saw that chaos [subsequently] ensued in Punjab. Workers across Pakistan, federal [cabinet] members, [people] from Europe to the United Kingdom questioned if this was the Pakistan we voted for.”

“All of PTI workers in Punjab, and Pakistan and the federal ministers complained to us whether this was the Pakistan that we wanted where the chief secretary and inspector general are changed every three months,” the former governor added.

Sarwar also criticized the appointments of inspector generals of police and deputy commissioners, saying that party leaders had tolerated it all because of PM Imran.

“Imran Khan was on one side and the PTI on the other,” he said. Referring to the party’s claims that the no-confidence resolution against PM Imran was a “foreign conspiracy”, Sarwar said, adding”If there is an international conspiracy … the biggest conspiracy was making Usman Buzdar chief minister.”

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry, announcing the government’s decision, said that PTI’s leader Omer Sarfaraz Cheema has been appointed as the new Punjab governor.


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