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Coronavirus Outbreak: Iran Reports 43 Deaths In 24 Hours Due to COVID-19

Iran continues to battle against the novel Coronavirus which outside China, has worst hit the country. With over 7,000 people affected by the virus that started from the Qom province of Iran, the latest blow came today as 43 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

The recent deaths have taken the total death toll in Iran to 237, according to the spokesperson for health ministry Kianoush Jahanpour. Additionally, Iran also reported 595 new cases of COVID-19 today which brings down the count to a massive 7,161 of confirmed cases in the country.

As a preventive and desperate measure, Iran has also released 70,000 of its inmates from jails as the epidemic takes the country in its deadly grip. As of now, Tehran stands as the worst-hit province of Iran with 1,945 cases of Coronavirus reported.

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