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Bookings dates for fresh currency notes for Eid ul Fitar 2019 announced

Who would not love to have those crispy newly minted Currency notes as Eidi?


Like every year, The State Bank of Pakistan will issue fresh currency notes for Eid ul Fitar between the dates of May 20 and May 31st of 2019.

The State Bank has announced an SMS service which will make the process super convenient, through which people will get themselves registered before visiting the designated branches to get themselves the fresh currency notes. All one needs to do is to send a message to 8877 along with the CNIC number and branch code of the bank. This SMS will be charged for Rs 2 plus tax.

The consumers will receive an SMS carrying Redemption Code, E-Branch address and Expiry Date of Redemption Code. The Consumers will be asked to visit their respective e-branches along with their original CNIC, a photocopy of CNIC and the Redemption code which they got through the 8877.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan, the new currency notes which will be issued on the announced dates will be available in total 1700 branches 0f 142 cities. People can also visit State Bank’s six field offices to get the currency notes.

Well, who would not love to have those crispy newly minted Currency notes as Eidi?

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