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Do Darya will be missed unless an immediate action is taken!

If there’s one thing Karachi is truly known for, it has to be the sea and the people’s love for food! Bringing the two together, Do Darya was proving to be a great treat for the residents as well as tourists. However, as much as this news breaks our hearts, it’s true that the restaurants on the famous strip are now being demolished.

This act is doing more damage than good and if there’s anything we can do to save the strip; WE MUST! Because it’s not just enjoyment, it’ll impact the economy as well. So many would lose their jobs and this damage is sure irreversible.

Owais, owner Kolachi, one of the leading restaurants at the Do Darya Strip, that is now being demolished, stated,  “A strip that is a spot of enjoyment for common people would be transformed to privilege class as they plan to build Army Sports Centre and Navy Yatch Centre.”

Adding about the fame it has gained internationally, he   proudly added, “The strip has become the pride of Karachi and is a popular spot for all foreigners as well as guests of CPEC , EPZ and other foreign delegations as well. Not just this, the restaurants are also listed as the top 5 in foreign websites, example: Trip Advisor”

The narrow-mindedness and mal-intentions of DHA is cringe worthy! Yet, we still have hope in the Pakistan Army. Here’s to hoping a solution can be found and the damage be reversed.

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