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Deep Fake Video – A new conspiracy in Pakistan politics

Here is why #deepfake trending on social media

Deep Fake VideoDeep Fake Video - A new conspiracy in Pakistan politics | OyeYeah News

Deep Fake Video, seems to be a new conspiracy in Pakistan politics!

It’s been a while the speculations have been ripe that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf PTI leadership is going to be the next target of the alleged leaked video.

What is Deep Fake?

Deep Fake Technology is a type of artificial intelligence used to create convincing images, and audio and video hoaxes.

The term, which describes both the technology and the resulting bogus content, is a portmanteau of deep learning and fake.

However, there hasn’t been any concrete proof of such speculations. But the PTI keyboard warriors are already in action to defend any of such alleged leaked videos.

Who is the exact target of deep fake videos? PTI’s official Twitter handle flames the ripe rumours.

On the other hand, PTI leaders and supporters are trying to establish the facts about deep fake videos to the general social media users.


There have been some quick responses from the PML-N leadership amid the deep fake leak video controversy.


What’s with the aggressive campaign concerning #deepfake? Here is how netizens react to the viral trend:


Has PTI’s defensive campaign before the video is even leaked given it unnecessary attention? Yes, we do think so!

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