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DHA Karachi seeks another 6,000 acres of land in front of the sea for its expansion

DHA started its housing scheme in Karachi in the 1980s with only 76.2 acres of land, but over time it has become the largest and most prominent residential scheme.

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) has sought an additional 6,000 acres of sea-front land from the Sindh government to expand its scheme in Karachi, it emerged on Sunday.

As reported, the government is considering the request of the Sindh Defense Housing Authority (DHA) to allot 6 thousand acres of seafront land in the metropolis.

The DHA has sought land ‘preferably along the coast’ for expansion of its housing scheme ‘to fulfil the primary objective of providing relief to families of martyrs, armed forces personnel’.

It had approached the caretaker government of Sindh in December 2023 for ‘allotment of land for future expansion of DHA Karachi’.

In a letter to the Sindh Chief Minister, the DHA administrator explained the reasons behind the expansion project and appreciated the provincial government’s support for various projects of the authority in the past.

He said in the letter that 5 to 6 thousand acres of land should be leased to DHA Karachi for the expansion of DHA in the Hawke’s Bay area.

The caretaker provincial government acted swiftly on DHA’s request and the CM Secretariat wrote to the Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBR) in January this year asking the department to review the authority’s expansion plan.

This process continued even after the beginning of the fourth consecutive term of the elected government of the Pakistan People’s Party in the province.

In a letter dated April 8, the Land Utilization Department of the provincial government asked the Deputy Commissioner of West District to submit a detailed report along with a map of the seafront land.

“With the bifurcation of DHA Karachi and DHA City Karachi, the requirement of additional land has become imperative for DHA Karachi to meet its primary objective of providing relief to Shuhada families and armed forces personnel,” he stated in the letter.

“…it is requested that DHA Karachi may be leased an area of a compact piece of land measuring 5,000-6,000 acres of land for its expansion in vicinity of Hawkes Bay area,” it added.

As per the news source, the DHA officials refused to comment on the authority’s expansion plan.

DHA started its housing scheme in Karachi in the 1980s with only 76.2 acres of land, but over time it has become the largest and most prominent residential scheme.

According to the information provided on the authority’s website, the Pakistan Defense Officers Housing Authority currently owns and manages an area of ​​8,797 acres, serving many families, and has 81,489 members, including armed forces personnel. Includes officers, civilians and legal heirs of deceased members.

When contacted, Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab, who is also the spokesperson of the Sindh government, confirmed that the provincial government received the DHA application regarding the allotment of land. are reviewing, concerned authorities and departments are doing their work.

However, sources said the Hawke’s Bay scheme in District West had already become a hotspot for the ‘land mafia’ and only a ‘regular and legal housing scheme under strong management’ could save the area from encroachment and unauthorized occupation.

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