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Did We Really Need Ramzan Transmissions This Year?

Ever since the coronavirus lockdown, people have been asking this question out loud

Ramzan-transmissionsRamzan transmissions and the game shows are going about their monkey business as usual - OyeYeah News

As soon as Ramzan arrives, television channels across Pakistan, get into a war of ratings. Rather than letting people stay off the television and devote time to prayers, these television channels make people stick to the screens alongside their Ramzan transmissions, calling ulemas on the channels as guests and making general public participate in quizzes and games.

This year, because of the coronavirus lockdown, and PEMRA’s issued guidelines people thought there would be no Ramzan transmissions as well as meaningless game shows gifting bikes on television, but we were extremely wrong. The channels, as usual, are in their race for ratings with their Ramzan transmissions and the game shows are going about their monkey business as usual.


And of course, Twitter isn’t having it well. People have been calling out the Ramzan transmissions for all sorts of reasons including the channel’s insensitivity to the grave cause of coronavirus as production sets expose the teams and the audience participating to the virus, (because we see none of the host or the guest or the participants wearing a mask on TV yet.

Here’s what twitter has been saying;



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