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Disneyland Shanghai Opens Its Gates After Three Months

Strict precautionary measures are still in place to ensure health amid Coronavirus

Disneyland ShanghaiWalt Disney opened its first Disneyland out of the other 6 themed resorts - OyeYeah News

As China moves closer to eradicating the COVID-19 virus, the state is gradually recommencing its economic activities.

Similarly, Walt Disney opened its first Disneyland out of the other 6 themed resorts, located in Shanghai to recover the loss they had to face in the past three months due to lock down. Strict precautionary measures were taken for the safety of the staff and visitors.

The gates were opened to a number of visitors who had to pre-book tickets (that were sold out completely, minutes after being open for booking), get their temperatures checked to show a government QR code designed to prove that they are not a health risk. Additionally, the visitors were constantly reminded to wear masks at all times and obey the norms of social distancing at all times and yellow lines were marked on the floor to assist people with it.

Disney also ensured an increase in sanitation and disinfection. Moreover, the park has also suspended and limited the number of performances which included interaction with characters like Mickey mouse and the princesses.

Business and education were also resumed in China, back in March. As per Walt Disney, they are expecting a loss of $1.4 Billion this year.

the authorAisha Arshad