Drop Scene of Uzma Khan Scandal! Copy of Settlement Document Goes Viral on Social media

Huma Khan in her new statement says it was Uzma Khan's misunderstanding that led to filing FIR.

Uzma Khan ScandalUzma Khan Scandal - The copy of the draft stating goes virul on social media - OyeYeah News

Here comes the drop scene of Uzma Khan’s Scandal. The actress has backed off from her statement that was lodged in the FIR.

The copy of the draft stating the name of Uzma Khan’s sister Huma Khan has started to circulate on social media exposing the reality of our society.

In her statement, Uzma Khan rectifies the whole episode of attack and violence against her just a case of misunderstanding that led towards filing an FIR.

uzma's FIR

The recent incident of Uzma Khan being attacked at her home became the most trending topic on social media,  with an influential family being involved in the whole scenario.

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The opposing party, Amna Usman had also released a statement in this regard, opening a new debate on social media forums.

This leaked settlement yet again has made Uzma Khan top trend on social media:

This was the statement shared by Uzma Khan a day ago:

These are the statements from Uzma Khan and Huma Khan’s lawyers being shared on social media:

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