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Dua Mangi’s kidnappers may link to militant’s gang

The probe into Dua Mangi’s kidnapping has still not reached a major breakthrough, police, and investigators suspect that militants could be behind the girl’s abduction in order to make funds.

The investigators have so far recorded the statement of Dua Mangi and her family and suggested that the kidnappers were professionals as police have found no significant clues that could help in tracing and arresting them.

Dua Mangi returns home after seven days of abduction

Dua in her statement said she could not see any of the convicts as she was kept blindfolded throughout the six days of custody.

“I did not see the face of anyone [kidnappers], I and Haris were walking by the road side after having tea at Master Chai Wala when suddenly two men grabbed me from behind and shoved me into their car while putting a hand on my mouth to prevent me from screaming for help.”

She has confirmed that when she was pushed into the car, a gunshot was heard. She further told the investigators that the abductors changed the car three times while taking her to an unknown place.

She said that the kidnappers nonstop drove over a long distance while keeping her blindfolded the entire time.

“I do not have any idea of how long they would have driven while taking me away.”

She also told that while she was in their custody, they chained her hand and feet the entire time. The only time when her eyes were left briefly uncovered was when she was given food.

Dua Mangi’s father shares a thankyou note upon her save return

“I could not identify the voice of the people who used to bring food. Every time it appeared to be a different person with a different voice,” adding that “even her ears plugged with earphones to prevent her from listening to and identifying their voices.”

A senior officer involved in the probe explained in his statement that they could not get any leads from Mangi’s statement. They handled the whole affair so carefully and did not leave any indication.

The officer said, “We are comparing the Dua Mangi kidnapping case with that of Bisma’s kidnapping as we now believe professionals and trained kidnappers were involved in Bisma’s kidnapping also.”

“We suspect that the same group [Militant] may have arranged both the kidnappings from DHA. Dua and Bisma’s cases have similarities. The kidnapping gang is making funds through abductions from the posh localities”, he suspected.

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