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‘I don’t need your sympathies,’ Dua Zehra finds courage to hit back at critics

This is the second video interview of the Karachi girl who went missing a few months ago, with the same YouTuber.

Dua Zehra New VideoDua Zehra with her husband | OyeYeah News

‘I don’t need your sympathies, respect my husband,’ Dua Zehra finds the courage to hit back at critics!

A new video of alleged 14-year-old Dua Zehra emerged on Wednesday, in which the girl speaks of her mind about her love marriage.

“Stop lying, I don’t need your sympathies, and I know how much you care for me, I know everything, and I am aware. You should respect my husband. And what you say about him is that he is from a gang and all, stop saying this,” said Dua Zehra during a live session with YouTuber Zaneera.

“I will maintain a friendly relationship with my daughter. I will be her friend so that she doesn’t flee, and she can share such matters with me whenever she wants,” Zehra added.

In a message to her parents, Zehra asked them to “set aside your stubbornness and accept me and my husband,” adding that “I have not been kidnapped and my parents have known this from day one”.

This is the second video interview of the Karachi girl who went missing a few months ago, with the same YouTuber.

YouTuber Zaneera in the previous video interview with Dua Zehra had claimed that she had been in contact with the minor during the days she went missing.

It is pertinent to mention here that the new video message of Dua Zehra comes out during the time when The Sindh health department has formed a 10-member special medical board to determine the age of Dua Zehra following court orders.

The Special Medical Board has also included experts from all fields so that the exact age of Dua Zehra can be closely scrutinized.

Dow Medical College Principal Professor Saba Sohail will head the Medical Board.

Radiologists from Aga Khan Hospital have also been included in the medical board.


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