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Dua Zehra, in a new interview, warns that she will never go back to her parents

From gone missing to post-marriage recovery, Dua Zehra's case has taken drastic turns.

Dua Zehra New InterviewDua Zehra warns never to go back to her parents | OyeYeah News

Dua Zehra warns that she will never go back to her parents!

Its been almost two months since the teenage girl from Karachi is landing in the headlines.

From gone missing to post-marriage recovery, Dua Zehra’s case has taken drastic turns.

The latest we get to know is that Dua Zehra has given an exclusive interview with SAMAA TV.

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In the interview, Dua Zehra warned that she will never go back to her parent’s house if the court orders her separation from her husband.

“They would hit me in the past for talking about him [Zaheer] and now for sure they will kill me!” Dua said.

“My Nikkah is valid and I cannot live without him [Zaheer]!” Dua stated in her interview.

“I cannot live without him. I will die [if separated].”

She further added that she does not wish to go to Darul Aman either and wants to live with Zaheer.

Dua also maintained that she will not travel to Karachi alone leaving Zaheer behind on his own.

In a message to her parents, Dua Zehra urged them to not drag her to court.

“I have not sinned, I have entered the bond of nikah, a virtuous deed, but still they are dragging us to court all the time,” she stated.

Dua Zehra urged the chief justice of Pakistan, chief ministers of Sindh and Punjab as well as the prime minister to help her live with freedom.

She also requested to not be taken to court over and over again as she has done nothing wrong.

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