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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pen down letter of gratitude to DC Lower Chitral

After a delightful visit to Pakistan, Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge first thanked Pakistani designers for their outfits by sending a letter,  and now, another letter of gratitude from the British royals has been received by Naveed Ahmed, the deputy commissioner of lower Chitral.

In the letter, penned by Zoe Ware on behalf of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the duo show gratitude for civil administration in Chitral for providing security and co-ordination specially for their visit.

The DC Chitral took to social media to share the letter he had received from Kensington Palace.

The letter said, “Their Royal Highness would have me thank you and your team in the civil administration in Chitral for providing security and coordination in the run-up to their visit and on the day itself. The Duke and Duchess know how much hard work and flexibility goes into delivering engagements such as this and are incredibly grateful to you and your team for making it memorable.”

The duo, in the letter, further discussed late princess Diana’s photo album of Pakistan’s visit that was presented to them.

“Their Royal Highness would also have me thank you for the photo album of Diana, Princess of Wales’ previous visit to Chitral that you so kindly gave them. It was most thoughtful of you.”

The letter further read, “People of Pakistan gave the Duke and Duchess the most wonderful welcome and Their Royal Highness were overwhelmed by the warm reception.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sent very best wishes to the civil administration of Chitral.

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