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Faisalabad Incident: Female student abducted, ‘sexually harassed, filmed’ for refusing marriage proposal

Faisalabad police arrested a female accused along with the six suspects who tortured and humiliated the woman.

Faisalabad IncidentHarassment Incident in Faisalabad | OyeYeah News

Viral videos of the Faisalabad Incident have left the country in another shock of witnessing harassment.

A female medical student was abducted, ‘sexually harassed, filmed’ for refusing a marriage proposal!

This is 2022 and the society we live in seems to be worst than in the stone age.

Being digital age, the news good or bad travels the fastest revealing all forms of evil.

As reported, a renowned businessman Sheikh Danish and his daughter Ana Sheikh abducted a medical student Khadijah along with her brother after she turned down his marriage proposal of Sheikh Danish. They also tortured her, shaved her eyebrows, and trimmed her hair while shamelessly filming the whole incident.

There are no words to express the disgust what we just saw in the viral videos from Faisalabad.


Luckily the police took action within hours to arrest the culprits involved in the incident.

“The Faisalabad police arrested this female accused yesterday along with the six suspects who tortured and humiliated the woman. CPO Faisalabad has appointed a special team to investigate the case. The accused involved in this sad incident will be severely punished,” says the statement issued by Punjab Police.

God knows how many incidents of such nature take place across the country that are never reported and culprits continue to enjoy the perks of being influential.



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