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Fake News Alert: Indian media goes berserk while reporting on Panjshir

It seems to be Indian news producers are high while preparing reports to malign Pakistan

Indian media goes berserk Indian media goes berserk | OyeYeah News

Beware of the fake news and propaganda being spew by the Indian media to malign Pakistan’s involvement in Panjshir.

Ever since the withdrawal of US forces and its allies from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s take over, Indian media is constantly reporting items that have turned out to be fake and baseless.

It seems to be Indian news producers are high while preparing reports to malign Pakistan as from sharing old footage of US planes to video game planes and quoting fake accounts, they have done it all!

In the recent episode of fake reporting, Republic TV showed a video game called ARMA 3 and reported it as ISI and Pakistan Army are helping Mujahideen Panjshir valley.

Well, the true facts and ground realities are not easy to distort in the age of social media!

Meanwhile, another Indian news outlet, Times Now, which claims to be the most-watched English News channel in the country, has been propagating another fake news. 

As per Times Now, Pakistan Air Force was “actively participating in the onslaught against the resistance and was supporting the Taliban forces.”

However, soon after showing the video clip of an American F-15 flying in a valley, the channel faced a strong reaction.

Same sane and well-informed people pointed out on Twitter that the Pakistan Air Force has no twin-tailed fighter aircraft in its inventory.


The UK Defence Journal also reported that the video in question was actually of an American F-15 jet flying in Wales in the United Kingdom.

Well someone finally woke up and took the responsibility, and after around two hours after airing the bit, Times Now had to issue a corrigendum on Twitter.

TIMES NOW erroneously ran visuals of a fighter jet hovering over #PanjshirValley in Afghanistan. The channel regrets the error and the tweet has been deleted.”


Without checking the facts, another fake story initiated from the fake ID was reported by Indian news media on Monday, claiming to be a Pakistani F-16 jet shot down by the anti-Taliban fighters in the Panjshir Valley.

However, it turned out to be a photo that was actually captured in 2018 and showed a US military F-16 jet that crash-landed during a training flight within the US, near the border between the states of Arizona and California in 2018.

The photo was shared in a tweet via a fake ID claiming to be Ahmad Massoud.

The Indian news outlet went berserk upon seeing the tweet without checking the facts started to report the fake news yet again.




The real story was:


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