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Fakhar-e-Alam urges security officers to respect the citizens after his car was hit by another vehicle carrying security officials

Renowned artist Fakhre Alam has taken it to social media urging security officials respect local citizens, after getting his car hit by another vehicle which carrying security officials. As being reported the security officials who in plane uniform, also harassed Fakhar-e- Alam. According to him the security officials were escorting a person who escaped from the scene immediately after the incident.

After the incident, Fakhr e Alam has taken it to twitter and posted a picture of the vehicle’s number plate. He also explained the incident on his tweet.

In the second tweet regarding the incident he wrote, “I would kindly request that the officer name be disclosed. Whose protocol mobile is this and was it on duty for the officer or for escorting someone from school. I stopped the mobile for 30 minutes sadly had it been someone else they would have man handled him”.

In Naya Pakistan having faced such an incident that too on 6th of September, the famous celebrity, further wrote, “This cannot go unchecked. We respect your security if you are on a sensitive job but is the life and property of ordinary citizens of NO value. By all means protect yourselves but don’t humiliate citizens and don’t damage our properties. Whose protocol was this?”

“I am still hoping that the officer whose police escort hit my car would at least have the courtesy to disclose his identity and own up to this. It’s the civil thing to do. The driver & security people I have no problems with. They only know how to follow orders”, said Fakhr in another tweet.

He also posted the video of the driver, captioning the post saying, “I do not hold a grudge against this police driver and the other drivers. What bothers me is that they initially tried to play rough only when I got off the car & took my phone camera out did they change their attitude. All I want to know is the name of whose escort was this?”

The celebrity star did not let go of it, he further posted, “Citizens rich or poor, important or ordinary must not feel helpless. We understand the security challenges but bullying citizens should not be allowed. I hope the man whose protocol car is in question would kindly reveal himself & at least have a dialogue with me”.

And in last all what he wants is the respect for the ordinary citizen. He posted, “So many times ordinary citizens have been mistreated by VIP protocol/security that’s just not right. I hope all those that have security/protocol would teach their staff to be careful, courteous. Better training is a must. But bullying is not acceptable. Respect the CITIZEN”.


Saman Siddiqui

Saman Siddiqui, A freelance journalist with a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and MS in Peace and Conflict Studies. Associated with the media industry since 2006. Experience in various capacities including Program Host, Researcher, News Producer, Documentary Making, Voice Over, Content Writing Copy Editing, and Blogging, and currently associated with OyeYeah since 2018, working as an Editor.

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