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Farah Khan finally breaks silence over corruption allegations

Farah Khan condemns all accusations and rumors against her & her family

Farah Khan finally breaks silenceFarah Khan finally breaks silence | OyeYeah News

Farah Khan finally breaks silence over corruption allegations leveled against her.

Farah Khan – who is also known as Farah Shahzadi and Farah Gujar posted a statement on her official social media accounts on Friday.

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“I outrightly condemn all accusations and rumors with regards to myself and my family. I have neither involved myself in politics nor was I ever in a position to interfere in governmental affairs. Those who have attempted to tarnish my character must remember their sisters,” Farah wrote.

She went on to add that her husband has clarified the information about their business and people related to her have also denounced the allegations.

“My family has been in a constant state of distress and suffering. For God’s sake! Please stop spreading rumors and connecting me and my family with such hearsay,” she added.


A close acquaintance of the first lady Bushra Bibi has been the center of controversy amid allegations of being involved in corruption.

Farah Khan did not hold any public post nor was a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

New corruption allegations have surfaced against Farah Khan who left Pakistan reportedly on April 3.

The news report claims that Farah Khan’s wealth jumped four times under Imran Khan rule, as per the documents she submitted with the Election Commission of Pakistan when she became a covering candidate for Senate elections in 2021.

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