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Fatima Bhutto criticises the Sindh government for corruption in Sajawal

Fatima Bhutto has criticised the Sindh government for reported signs of corruption in Sajawal

Fatima Bhutto, the granddaughter of former Prime Minister and founder of the People’s Party Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, shared a fresh criticism in a set of tweets as she once again highlighted the Ghosts Schools of Sajawal.

“In Feb, I posted about the Sajawal govt ghost school that was empty and growing weeds out of its windows thanks to the rampant corruption of the Sindh government -if it can even be called that since they don’t do even the barest minimum,” she wrote.


Sharing an update, Fatima Bhutoo wrote, “It’s still empty and still a ghost school two months later even though an official came to visit after @BhuttoZulfikar and I wrote about it. Nothing has been done. What teachers are registered as working here? They’re taking govt salaries. We should know their names.”

And the corruption continues, she added, by posting a new set of photos from Sajawal, this time of a hospital under construction. 

Fatima Bhutto wrote, “This is the Sajawal taluka hospital – the construction was started 10 years ago and left like this, skeletal. Women delivering babies have to drive all the way to Larkana to get basic medical attention, sometimes dying on the short journey. This is corruption in practice- no schools, no hospital. You know where the money is going, the whole country knows. And generations will pay for it.”

Fatima Bhutto’s wedding, who is the scion of the country’s dominant political family, became the talk of the town last week.

The daughter of the late PPP leader tied the knot with a US citizen named Graham Byra, 41, who embraced Islam before Nikah and adopted the name, Gibran.

As reported, Fatima Bhutto’s husband was brought up in a Christian family and his family identities are being kept under wraps due to privacy reasons.

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