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FBR accumulates Rs256.679bn annual profit In April

The Federal board of Revenue (FBR) has collected 256.679 billion revenue in form of taxes and duties in April 2020 which was 296.567 billion in the corresponding month last year.

According to a statement issued by FBR on Friday, the federal body has also released the figures about taxes and duties collected till April 2020 in the current Financial Year which is 3408.83 billion showing an increase of 10.4 percent compared with the 3047.951 billion collected last year till April 2019.

Also, the refunds issued in April 2020 are 15.119 billion which was 6.661 billion in the corresponding month last year.

Moreover, the 16 billion exporters refunded 33 billion arrears while 15 billion duty drawbacks have also been issued in April 2020.

The refunds of 116.961 billion have been issued till April 2020 which was 6.515 billion in the last year till April 2019.

The FBR has collected the target revenue of 200 billion for April 2020 and collected 256 billion out of revised annual revenue target of 3908 billion for the current Financial Year.

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