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FIA is investigating controversial video posted on Imran Khan’s X handle

On May 26, a propaganda video featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was posted from the official X handle of PTI's founder

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is investigating a controversial video posted on PTI Founder Imran Khan’s X handle.

As reported, the FIA Cyber Wing on Thursday launched an inquiry into the uploading of a propaganda video featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from the official X account of PTI founder Imran Khan.

A notification issued by the FIA Cybercrime Wing states that the inquiry was prompted by the posting of a propaganda video on May 26th, purportedly featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, from Imran Khan’s X account.

The notification highlights that Imran Khan, currently incarcerated at Adiala Jail, had his official account used to upload the video.

The investigation team will examine the origins of the anti-Pakistan propaganda, identifying those responsible for its creation and dissemination.

If the account holder is found to have uploaded the video, legal action will be taken. However, if the account holder denies posting the video, they will be required to request the closure of their X account for its unauthorized use, the notification maintains.

The FIA Cyber Wing will investigate four PTI members: the PTI founder, Barrister Gohar, opposition leader Omar Ayub, and Raoof Hasan, the source said.

The FIA team will determine whether the PTI founder or anyone else posted the video with his consent.

FIA sources further mentioned that they would investigate who created and propagated the anti-Pakistan content.


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