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First confirmed case of Monkeypox reported in Karachi

This is the fourth Monkeypox case reported in Pakistan.

The first confirmed case of Monkeypox has been reported in Karachi on Thursday.

The infected person is a 30-year-old expatriate who had been working as a driver in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He tested positive for the monkeypox virus on Thursday on his return to Pakistan.

Meer Muhammad was isolated after his symptoms were identified.

According to the health department, the patient had recently arrived in Karachi from Jeddah and he is believed to have contracted the virus from abroad.

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“The traveller who was working as a driver in Jeddah and made his way back to Pakistan via Oman has had his test results confirmed to have monkeypox,” said the department in a statement.

“He was being isolated since he presented with these symptoms and his contact tracing is underway.”

The Sindh Health Department has advised the public to take precautions.

This is the fourth monkeypox case reported in Pakistan. The first two cases were reported in Islamabad and another in Lahore.

Monkeypox is a contagious disease and is transmitted to others. A person is only declared recovered from the disease when the rashes or blisters have completely healed and a new layer of skin has formed.

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