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Former Imam-e-Kaba Saleh Al Talib sentenced to 10 years in prison by Saudi court

Saudi authorities first detained Sheikh Saleh Al Talib in 2018

Former Imam-e-Kaba Saleh Al Talib imprisonedFormer Imam-e-Kaba Saleh Al Talib sentenced to 10 years in prison | OyeYeah News

Former ImameKaba, Saleh Al Talib, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Saudi Arabia court, it emerges on Friday.

The Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has sentenced Sheikh Saleh Al Talib, the former Imam, and preacher of the Holy Mosque, to 10 years in prison.

US-based rights group Democracy for the Arab World Now disclosed his sentencing to the media on Monday.

Shaikh Saleh al Talib was first detained by the Saudi authorities in 2018.

The authorities gave no reason or explanation for his arrest.

As reported he was taken into custody after delivering a sermon in which he criticized the Saudi government for holding concerts and entertainment events in the Kingdom.

According to the information available to the media, Sheikh Saleh gave a sermon criticizing the Saudi organization General Entertainment Authority (GEA), which controls the entertainment industry, after which he was taken into custody.

A large number of people follow Sheikh Saleh Al Talib on social media and listen to his teachings and Quranic lessons.

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