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Gold price drops by Rs1500 per tola

The price of gold per tola has been slashed by Rs. 1500 on Thursday and was traded at Rs. 112,500 against its price at Rs. 114,000.

According to all Sindh Saraf Jewelers Association,  the price of 10 grams gold also fell by Rs. 2286 and was traded at Rs. 96,451 against its sale at Rs. 97,737.

Meanwhile, the price of silver per tola fell by Rs. 70 and was traded at Rs. 1150 against its prices at Rs1220 while the prices of 10 gram silver decreased by Rs. 60.01 and was traded at 98,594 against its sale at Rs. 1045.95.

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Internationally, the prices of yellow metal fell by $35 and was traded at $1857 against $1892, the association reported.

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