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Government preps for dealing with Azadi March

The government will make arrangements to block all entry points to stop the participants from entering in the federal capital

Government Preps for Dealing with Azadi March

The federal government has completed measures to deal with the Jamiat Ulema Islami (JUI-F) led Azadi March and a tentative plan has been prepared in this regard.

According to the reports on local media, the government will make arrangements to block all entry points to stop the participants from entering in the federal capital.

Reports revealed that a central control room has been set up in the interior ministry that would ensure that the security plan complying with the directions of highest authorities would be implemented or not.

As per the tentative plan, the security will block all the entry points of the federal capital before the announced date of Azadi March. The security will place shipping containers, barbed wires and would also deploy large numbers of policemen.

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According to the sources, “Attock Bridge and GT Road at Rawat would also be blocked to ensure that the participants of the Azadi March from other parts of the country would not move towards the federal capital”.

Around 500 shipping containers with goods in it would be delivered to Islamabad Police right ahead of October 27. The purpose of filling the containers with goods is to restrain protesters to remove them from roads.

The Red Zone including the Secretariat Chowk, Ayub Chowk, Aga Khan Road, PTV Chowk, France Chowk, Constitution Avenue, Radio Pakistan Chowk, Serena Chowk and Margallah Road would be sealed by placing containers.

To tackle with the protesters the police would also be provided gas masks, tear-gas launchers and shells along with batons, helmets, riot jackets, shields and shin guards.

The residents of other cities would not be allowed to enter the federal capital. The residents of Rawalpindi who work at the government and private offices in Islamabad will require their office card for entry.

Meanwhile, security personnel would also be called from the Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and they would camp at the government buildings, including Sports Complex, Community Centre, National Library and Police Lines, reports said.

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