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Governor Imran Ismail Asks NEPRA to Investigate KE’s Overbilling in Karachi

In response to the plight of Karachiites who have been burdened with excessive billing by KE, the governor of Sindh Imran Ismail has written a letter to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to look into the matter. Asking the regulatory authority to “thoroughly audit” the overbilling of the sole power supplier of Karachi, the governor has directed for prompt action.

“On a daily basis, a large section of society is complaining against KE authorities for multiple issues, one out of them is excessive billing. Unfortunately, KE being the sole electricity provider to Karachi city has an obvious monopolistic approach towards its consumers,” says the letter of governor written in the name of NEPRA chairman.

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The governor also asked the chairman “to conduct a thorough audit of complaints lodged against KE for excessive billing, and those which are found valid, be refunded instantly,” a publication said.

Ismail added that instead of giving consumers relief, KE advises the complainants to pay the bills, and receiving such a hefty amount of bills is no less than a nightmare for common people.

Karachi currently is lamenting over its electric supplier’s terrible service as the city faces long unannounced power outages which are topped up by highly exaggerated bills.

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