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Hamza Ali Abbasi is delighted on Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan

Allah Türkiye ve Pakistan'ı kutsasın


Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan has been the center of attraction for the whole world.

Just like the rest of the Pakistanis, former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is also delighted with this state visit.

Showing his gratitude towards Pakistan-Turkey friendship, Hamza took to social media praising the leaders of these two brother states.

While sharing a photo featuring PM Imran Khan and Turkish PM Erdogan, Hamza wrote, “#PakTurkFriendship is an amazing example of the fact that ALL MUSLIMS ARE A BROTHERHOOD … High hopes from these leaders. May Allah give them sincerity, guide them and help them. Allah Türkiye ve Pakistan’ı kutsasın”


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