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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s alleged first wife appears on social media

After a week of their ceremony, a major twist has taken place that made fans worried and unhappy about the Pyarey Afzal star.


Last week, the actor turned activist Hamza Ali Abbasi tied the knot with Anaa actress Naimal Khawar at an enchanting ceremony in Islamabad and fans couldn’t stop gushing about their favourite star’s wedding.

The much-anticipated nuptials were attended by his family and close friends. The most hyped wedding bagged fans attention on social media as people praised Hamza for his simplicity, sending best wishes to the couple for their future married life.

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After a week of their wedding, a major twist has taken place that has made fans worried and unhappy about the Pyarey Afzal star.

In a recent turn of events, a social media user named Anila Hamza has surfaced online and claims to be the first wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi. She said her relationship with the Parwaaz hai Junoon star had been kept a secret.


The girl claimed that Naimal Khawar brainwashed her husband against her and married him.

The girl, in a series of tweets, wrote how she was thrown away from Hamza’s life. She said Abbasi did not give her the rights what she truly deserved.

Anila Hamza also asked Hamza Ali Abbasi to give her all the rights, she wrote:

The girl also called out Hamza on Twitter saying that he has betrayed her and ruined her life.

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