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Happy Father’s Day to Our Favorite Celebrity Daddies!

These daddy baby duos are a delight to look at


It’s Father’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to admire some awesome celebrity daddies and their cutest babies. So in the spirit of this day, that we hope you are celebrating with your Abu Jee, here’s a list of fathers we absolutely love – and coupled with their munchkins they are are beyond adorable!

Fahad Mustafa

Daddy of cute Fatima and little Abdullah, this thakki tikki master is our all time favorite papa. Happy father’s day Fahad!

Fawad Khan

This superstar dad is the crush of many, and his son is just another proof of his awesomeness. Albeit that Fawad is not very public about his family life, some pictures that we see of his family show that he’s a pretty cool dad!

Feroze Khan

The newest member of daddy clan, Feroze recently welcomed his baby boy Sultan. Here’s a Masha Allah picture of the actor with his teeny tiny baby on Eid – and their matching outfits are simple wah!

Fahad Mirza

Now most of us might remember Fahad from his ad of a biscuit where he played a cool father to the cutest baby, well it seems Fahad has the hang of it in real life too. Father of Rohan and Oohan, this doctor daddy is our favorite too.

Ahsan Khan

From what it looks like, Ahsan is mostly very low key about his family life and does not share many pictures, however the few he has shared has melted our hearts to see the cuteness oozing out of em’. Such an adorable baby baba moment.

Shahroz Sabzwari

Father of adorable Nooreh, Shahroz is one of the coolest dads to have. Pictured here, Shahroz is seen enjoying a game with Nooreh and it’s nothing short of the best bond between papa and princess.

Iqrar ul Hasan

Often seen together on television, Pehlaj and his papa are quite popular together. Known for their coordinated outfits and similar personalities, this duo is one of our favorites for their super talent and looks.

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