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7 suspects arrested following alleged harassment incident in University of Karachi

At least 7 suspects have been arrested on Thursday following the alleged October 5 harassment incident of two IBA students on the premises of the University of Karachi.

According to the details, a student Shaheer Ali, in his Facebook post on Wednesday reported how he and his female friend narrowly escaped from another happening similar to the Motorway incident.

Ali took to social media sharing the whole story, he and his female friend experienced recently inside KU, saying that, he was accompanied by two female friends at the university. One of whom, he dropped at IBA’s girls’ hostel, situated inside the varsity. He was with his another female friend in the car, suddenly— out of nowhere— a group of 10 boys on their bikes came and surrounded the car shouting on them to get out.

The student recounted that the boys were banging the car windows and demanding the girl to get out of the vehicle.

Ali further told that he somehow managed to drove the car away. He told that the boys again followed and surrounded his car near IBA Boys’ hostel and started banging window and screaming “Larki ko Bahar nikaal [get the girl out the car]”.

However, the two managed to run away from the group of men and informed the guards of the incident.

“The boys seemed to be between 15-25 years of age”, said Ali adding that the reason to share the incident on social media is to inform everyone to be very cautious so that this doesn’t happen with anyone.

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As soon as the post surfaced on social media, it has flooded with condemnation from people demanding strict action against the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the security advisor of the university campus, Dr, Moeez told media that the administration has received a complaint related to the incident, saying that the boys involved in the act have been identified.

He said that 7 suspects of age between16 to 20 have been arrested for further investigation adding that IBA, the university’s administration, and rangers are in contact over the happening. He informed me that the investigation would be done according to the law.

The suspects involved in the scene are said to be the children of varsity’s staffers, he added.

Samra Mazhar

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