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Hijab Row: Malala calls out Indian leaders for marginalising Muslim women

Malala calls out Indian leaders for marginalising Muslim women.

The statement from the world’s youngest Nobel prize laureate and rights activist Malala Yousifzai in response to the ongoing Hijab Row in India.

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“College is forcing us to choose between studies and the hijab,” Malala said in a tweet while sharing a news article.

“Refusing to let girls go to school in their hijabs is horrifying. Objectification of women persists — for wearing less or more. Indian leaders must stop the marginalisation of Muslim women,” she added.

Malala took to Twitter to share her horror over the ongoing hijab controversy raging in Karnataka.

The news emerging on social media highlight the controversy raging in the Indian state of Karnataka where Muslim girls wearing headscarves are being barred from attending classes in schools and colleges.

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